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Building Real American Values that

Conservative Values Shared Through Stories

Brave Kids Learn Real American Values

  • Each book covers a conservative value rarely taught to children outside of the home.
  • Each story is written to be engaging, fun, and is an allegory for the topic at hand.
  • Some of the values we cover are Free Speech, 2nd Amendment Rights, and Gender.

Exploration Activities for Children and Parents

Fun Activities Reinforce Lessons from the Book

  • At the end of each book we provide games, activities, engaging questions, and more.
  • The exploration activities are divided by age range so that even our youngest readers get to participate and have FUN!
  • ┬áBrave Books have activities for 4-10 year old children.

Engage, Create Dialogue, and Explore Conservative Topics

Engage Your Children on Difficult Topics

  • We understand talking about free speech or 2nd amendment rights isn’t the easiest thing for parents to do.  Our goal with Brave Books is to provide parents with the tools to engage their children, in fun and meaningful ways, and to reinforce conservative values.