Mackenzie Lunt


Growing Together - Pregnancy Journal


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Growing Together is a monthly journal to track your feelings, growth, and memories during your pregnancy. Beautifully designed and created by @Kenzie_Shayne with prompts and facts to ensure you and your baby remember what it was like when they were in the womb.

  • 8.5" x 8.5"
  • 108 pages
  • Hardback - Linen Cover

"I created this pregnancy journal so expecting mamas could have a place to document every stage of each pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my first child, Payson, I was so excited to start a pregnancy journal for her. When I got it I was disappointed in the questions & the overwhelming space to have to fill in. I wanted to create a simple, beautiful, book that I’d want to display in my home & keep for my little one to look back on it forever. This book is all the thoughts and feelings I’ve had throughout my second pregnancy and it’s everything I wish I had with my first. I hope you love it, find inspiration in it, & celebrate your pregnancy long after you birth your sweet baby.