Stephanie rackley


Simple, Sweet Things in Life Cookbook


Stephanie Rackley RDN, LD, cares deeply about the food choices and ingredients she uses when cooking and baking for her family. Although a firm believer in serving up nutrient-rich meals, she knows there’s nothing quite like a simple, sweet dessert to finish the day on a humble note.

From freshly baked cookies to homemade cinnamon rolls, these dessert recipes come straight from the heart and soul of her quaint Texas kitchen, where she uses farm-fresh eggs and ingredients straight from her garden.


Olivia Ivey-Davis


2022 Happy + Healthy Planner

Olivia Ivey-Davis is a wellness and lifestyle blogger from Austin, Texas with a passion for sharing the reality of growing up, becoming a healthy individual while maintaining balance and relating to her engaged and like-minded female based audience. Olivia is an expecting first-time-mom just balancing it all & leading women to become the best versions of themselves.
Olivia shares healthy tips and tricks, daily organization, how to navigate diet culture, lifestyle hacks and more on her growing Instagram page, Skinny Hangover. She can usually be found with a planner in one hand and a cocktail in the other!


Mackenzie LUNT


Growing Together - Pregnancy Journal


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Growing Together is a monthly journal to track your feelings, growth, and memories during your pregnancy. Beautifully designed and created by @Kenzie_Shayne with prompts and facts to ensure you and your baby remember what it was like when they were in the womb.


Tamara Anthony


Daily Fitness Planner


Tamara’s Daily Fitness Planner is a day to day planner designed to help plan your life and achieve fitness and mental health goals. With unique features like workout and meal planning sections, goal setting pages, this planner is going to help set yourself up for success when aiming for change.

Summer Solved - Grades K-1