Meet Our Team

Kirsten Jones

Art Director

Kirsten is a creative problem solver by nature and is always happiest when meeting a new challenge. Born and raised in Scotland with over 20 years of creative experience behind her, she is currently enjoying exploring everything that her second home of Texas has to offer her.



Elissa Simon

Creative Director

Elissa is an avid reader and daydreamer who thinks the perfect day is curling up with a good book, cup of tea, and a cozy blanket. On weekends, you can find her in a kayak or hiking to her favorite camping spot with her husband and daughter.

Massiel Guerrero

Marketing Director

Wife and mother of two, Massiel was born and raised in Venezuela and moved to Houston after practicing medicine in a rural community. As a lifetime learner, she loves tackling new projects. Outside of work, she enjoys the beach, building towers and robots with her young son, and exploring Houston in her free time.

Evan Falgout

Creative Director

While not working on new books, Evan loves spending time with her husband and dog, Chip. She enjoys being outdoors, lifting weights, and mastering her favorite coffees!