Stephanie Rackley


Simple, Sweet Things in Life Cookbook


Stephanie Rackley RDN, LD, cares deeply about the food choices and ingredients she uses when cooking and baking for her family. Although a firm believer in serving up nutrient-rich meals, she knows there’s nothing quite like a simple, sweet dessert to finish the day on a humble note.

From freshly baked cookies to homemade cinnamon rolls, these dessert recipes come straight from the heart and soul of her quaint Texas kitchen, where she uses farm-fresh eggs and ingredients straight from her garden.

• 7.44" x 9.68"
• 180 pages
• Hardback

About The Author

Stephanie Rackley is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian practicing in the Texas DFW area. She was a Kilgore College Rangerette in 2011-2013, to whom she owes her discipline, positive outlook, and determination. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science and completed her Dietetic Internship shortly afterward. After gaining her credentials, she created ‘The Healthy Chew’ blog and social platform in 2015 with the intention of spreading helpful nutrition knowledge and healthy recipes to her followers. She then created a private consulting business, ‘AVO Good Life Nutrition LLC’ for individuals struggling with nutrition and food choices. Stephanie has been interviewed and featured in VoyageDallas as part of their local entrepreneur series and has collaborated with renowned brands like Bertolli®, CVS Health®, Vital Proteins®, and HelloFresh®.  Although she loved nutrition consulting one-on-one with the clients she met and helped, her daughter, Emery, took priority once she was born.


Today, The Healthy Chew has become a more prominent brand that encompasses whole family health, weekly meal recipe ideas, and aims to promote body and overall life positivity. Since having her first child- Emmie, Stephanie has shifted her focus to raising her family at home. She and her husband, Justin, share their love for the outdoors while raising Emmie. They have showcased their honest outdoor lifestyle on YouTube as part of their channel, Lake Life Family. Furthermore, Stephanie is known for always cooking or baking something from scratch, whether it be wild game meats, homemade desserts, or anything in-between. Stephanie and Justin will soon welcome their second child, Benjamin River.