Tamara Anthony


Daily Fitness Planner


Tamara’s Daily Fitness Planner is a day to day planner designed to help plan your life and achieve fitness and mental health goals. With unique features like workout and meal planning sections, goal setting pages, this planner is going to help set yourself up for success when aiming for change.


• 8" x 10"
• Gold Spiral Binding
• Hardback

About The Author

Tamara Anthony is a certified personal trainer and Orange Theory coach from San Diego, California. Her passion for sharing workouts, body guides, grocery hauls, recipes and more on her Instagram, TikTok, & Youtube pages has shot her into the spotlight with over 500,000 followers on all platforms. Tamara openly talks about her personal experiences with everyday life and shares healthy tips and tricks on maintaining balance through meditating and journaling to her dedicated audience. In her time off, she love a good page turner book and a glass of red wine.